How to Hang a Hammock Indoors – Get the Best Sleep at Home in a Hammock

Learning how to hang a hammock indoors can allow you to have great sleep without leaving the comfort of your home. Some doctors suggest their patients suffering from severe back pain to sleep in them. It is a bit of a miracle to fix your back only with the help of a swing. However, you need to sleep in a diagonal position, and not all hammocks are suitable for that. Always keep in mind, if you can get yourself in a good position inside the hammock, then you will fall into a deeper, and relaxed sleep much faster compared to your bed.

Most people think hammocks can only be used outdoors. They assume it is a summer thing to enjoy at the backyard during a BBQ party. Camping and indoor versions are rather unknown to most users. However, hammocks are getting mainstream as more people learn about their incredible benefits.

If you want to enjoy your hammock indoors, then you can either use a hammock stand or set one up by drilling a few holes. A hammock stand is obviously the easiest option, but you can also arrange one in any room only by using a few anchors and some chains.

Materials you need to hang a hammock indoors:

  • Chains
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • J and S hooks
  • Drill
  • Cords
  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder (optional)
  • Hammock straps (optional)
  • A hammock or a hammock chair

Always put safety first when considering to install a hammock indoors. You don’t want to damage your house or apartment. Plus, it is never a good feeling to fall from a hammock, so you also have to calculate the weight and length measurements accurately.

Step 1: Find the coziest spot in your house to hang the hammock. Be wise and select the best room where you can relax the most. Add 2 ft to the length of your hammock (measured from ring to ring); that will determine the total size you need for the whole thing when assembled.

Step 2: Decide on the height of the attachment points. It is a good habit to hang your hammock as high as yourself. You would have plenty room to adjust your hammock if you do so, and you can balance the 30° angle needed for the diagonal lay.

Step 3: Install the S-hook or the toggle bolt to use with an anchor. Before you start drilling the walls, make sure that you are not hanging the hammock directly on a drywall as it will sure go down. You need to use toggle bolts to prevent any damage on the walls. Using butterfly anchors will make them stronger. If you want to install it on the stud then use a stud finder to locate the exact position. Always be careful not to drill over the electric wires. Mark your hanging point with a pencil. Also, you can pre-drill with a thin bit to double check if you really found the wood. Now you can drill a hole according to the size of the toggle ends or S-hook.

Step 4: Once you are done with the toggles, then you can install anchors with them. Alternatively, you can use S-hooks or eye-bolts directly on the stud to hang your hammock. I suggest using the stud finder and installing the eye-bolts; it is much easier this way.

Step 5: Get your carabiners and cords out and install your hammock. You can add carabiners to the S-hooks. The chains would allow you to better adjust your hammock if you are not using regular hammock straps.

Step 6: Always test your hammock before you jump on it. Either put some weight inside the hammock (at least 50 pounds), or push down really hard by both hands.

Step 7: Get on it and take a good nap, you must be tired!

Check out this video for more tips and tricks on how to hang a hammock indoors.

How Do You Sleep in A Hammock?

The best way to sleep in a hammock is the diagonal position. Your body is not curved this way. Never sleep in the so-called banana position; that is not for humans but only for bananas. You might have a back pain the next day if you do so. Always get it into your hammock by sitting in the middle just as if you were about to sit in a chair. Then put your legs inside the hammock. Select a versatile hammock when shopping for one since not all of them allow to sleep in the diagonal position.

Can I Hang A Hammock in My Apartment?

If you live in a rental apartment, make sure to check your lease agreement first. Drilling holes in the walls might be prohibited. You might want to shop for a hammock stand if that is the case. Plus, stands are much easier to set up, and you can move them around the apartment. Otherwise, you can follow the steps above to install your hammock with the bolts and nuts method.

How Much Weight Can I Hang from Drywall?

Drywalls can carry some heavy weight only with the help of a fastening device. You need to use a toggle bolt (butterfly anchor) to make it stronger. They have wings which open up inside the walls. A 1/8 anchor can hold 150 pounds, and a 1/4 toggle bolt can support much more than that. But there are other factors than the capacity of anchors as it also depends on how big you are when you are calculating the right size and dimensions for your indoor hammock.

In Conclusion

Hammocks are not made only for outdoor recreation, and they are not made only for summer either. They can be used inside your home by installing a few bolts and hooks. You will get the best sleep on a hammock if you know how to use it. People with insomnia and back pain issues often use high-quality hammocks to cure themselves. Once you get into the relaxing world of hammocks, you will never want to sleep in your old bed. And don’t forget; hammocks can also be a great gift to your kids.

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