How to Hang a Hammock from the Ceiling?


When I hear the word hammock, my mind immediately goes to one hung in between two palm trees on a Hawaiian beach. You can feel the salty spray of the ocean and sunlight warming your skin, while you just lay there with a good book. The soft breeze eventually puts you to sleep. Then you roll over and end up on the ground with a mouth full of sand, snapping you out of your vacation fantasy.

Sometimes you need to bring the holiday to you. This article will be your guidance on hanging a hammock indoors.

How to Hang a Hammock from the Ceiling?

Now, before you go and purchase a hammock, there are several factors you need to consider beforehand. You do not want to have all the supplies ready and realize you have no space to hang the hammock. Please make sure your room, may it be the lounge, bedroom, or sunroom, has a minimum of 15 feet of space. This distance is not only between the two hanging points but also wiggle room to swing around if you desire.

Material Requirements

  • A hammock (obviously)
  • Sturdy chains that will hold your weight
  • An electric drill to poke holes through your ceiling
  • Screws to fill those holes
  • Measuring tape accompanied by a pencil, so your roof does not require extra holes to cover the previous ones
  • Drill bits for an accurate puncture
  • Eye hooks that will hold at least 130kgs
  • Stud finder to locate studs inside a drywall


Once you have located the perfect spot to hang your hammock, preferably near a window with a view, it is time to grab those tools and pretend you are Bob the Builder.

Your first step will be using the stud finder to pinpoint studs already present inside your ceiling. These joists will be the anchor for your hammock. Grab that pencil and accurately place a dot in the center of the stud.

Now time for the fun part, which is using that drill. Use a bit that is small in size and has grooves along the edges. These grooves will make it easier to recognize when you have drilled into the wood, as shavings will start to present themselves.

Make sure that the hole you are creating is at least three-eighths of an inch long. Within this hole, you will insert your eye hooks, guaranteeing that they are secure in their position. It is crucial for your safety that the eye hook is wholly embedded; otherwise, you might pull out the hammock when you attempt to lie on it.

Time to take hold of the chains. Literally, in this case. A chain will be tied to every end loop present on the hammock. The other ends of those chains will be attached to the eye hooks, with the aid of carabiners. You will need to adjust the length of the chains according to the distance between your roof and floor. Typically, a hammock is 1.5-2ft above the ground. You can make it higher or lower as per your liking. But, do not blame me if you end up falling from a height.

Finally, it would help if you did a test run on your hammock before using it regularly. I would suggest piling on some weights (within 100kgs) to see if it holds. If it safely hangs on, climb right in there.

Can a hammock be hung on a false ceiling?

It is a valid concern that plaster will not be able to brace the bulk of a human inside a hammock. However, it can still be hung through the false ceiling, by locating joists using your stud finder. Once joists are found, the rest of the process remains the same.

Will safety be an issue while hanging the hammock?

I am assuming you are an adult and do not need a warning about using power tools. Remember, the hole goes into the ceiling, not your hand.

You will need to map out the distance between your frame hooks precisely, or else you might encounter a multitude of problems. If the hammock is too stretched out due to a larger distance, it will not be comfortable for lounging. Comfort is a secondary issue to climbing onto a hammock that is too high up and too straight to provide a cradle.

The issue of sagging also plays a significant role. You need the sag to be at a perfect length. It should not too much that your back is near the floor and not too less that there is a chance of rolling out of the hammock. This length can be tweaked through chain length.

Finally, there is the problem of the hammock sustaining your weight. To ensure the hooks are tightly secured, try tugging on the chains several times until you achieve satisfaction.

Are there alternatives to hanging a hammock on the ceiling?

Considering that you still want the hammock to be indoors, obtaining palm trees will sadly not be an option. However, there are hammock stands available that would mimic the feel of a tree. These stands are generally made of metal and are robust enough to hold the weight of an adult. The advantage of a stand can also be that it can be moved around the house.

If you still want to hang the hammock yourself, you can use walls instead of the ceiling. The procedure would be slightly altered, but it is still a viable option.


While it may seem like a daunting task to tackle by yourself, if you follow the instructions carefully, and have all the necessary parts, hanging a hammock will prove to be a successful endeavor.

All that will be left is to grab a soft pillow, your favorite blanket, and a page-turning novel before you climb in. To get the complete feel of a vacation, make a fruity cocktail with an umbrella inside the glass. And voila, you will not even notice you are inside your home.

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