How to Hang a Hammock from a Tree – A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to hang a hammock from a tree with this step by step guide in under 5 minutes.

You finally got yourself a durable, nylon camping hammock and can’t wait any longer to test it? I totally understand you; these things are so much fun. Before we start, get all your gear out and make sure you have all the accessories like straps, carabiners, s-hooks, or whatever equipment your hammock might take advantage of for hanging ready.

It is one of those simple tricks that you can learn only with one trial. Please don’t use inappropriate tools like regular ropes as suspension systems that could easily damage the trees when hanging your hammock. Always pay attention to leave-no-trace camping techniques for the safety of nature, yourself, and the safety of future campers who will probably use the same resources you did (trees, rocks, and the beautiful ground).

Camping hammocks evolved into nature friendly, easy setup gears thanks to recent advancements in the industry. You no longer have to worry about falling from the hammocks when you choose the right polyester straps, and you can pretty much hang your hammock almost instantly when you spot two trees with the right distance between them. Don’t worry if there are no trees around, we got you covered for that too! Read my article on how to hang a hammock without trees for more information.

It is ok to struggle a bit on your first attempt. You will soon realize that learning how to hang a hammock from a tree is as easy as pie (or even easier than that).

How To Hang A Hammock From A Tree: Step by Step Instructions

You need to consider the distance between the two trees you select correctly. Don’t go out and choose two trees that are 100 ft apart; we are not building a bridge here. The correct distance is 2 feet longer than the length of your hammock. We measure the hammock length from ring to ring, and this information is probably well explained in your product manual. You can measure the right distance easily by just looking at the trees once you get experienced over time. Try walking from one tree to another; if the step count is between 5 to 8, then it is perfect to set up your hammock.

Step 1: Locate two trees that are 12 to 16 ft apart, preferably on the same level. Always select living trees that are strong enough to hold you and your hammock. Make sure you stay away from dead trees; they can easily fall on you.

Step 2: Take out your gear and lay on the ground (the hammock, straps, carabiners, etc.). Attach the carabiners to their place at the end of the hammock.

Step 3: Take one of the straps (they are identical) and wrap around the first tree. In general, you should start from a height close to your head. If the tree is too big then only wrap the strap once but if the tree is really thin then go around a few times so that you don’t have too much excess strap hanging down. Take one end of the strap and pull through the loop of the other end to make it tight around the tree. Test by pulling the strap as strong as you can.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on the other tree with the second strap.

Step 5: Hook up the carabiners on both sides to the hammock straps one by one. Pick a connection loop on the strap depending on your preference. Don’t forget to fasten the carabiners. Some models need twisting, and some close up automatically.

Step 6: Before you jump in, test your hammock by enforcing weight using both of your arms. See if everything fits perfectly and the straps hold.

Step 7: Now, it is the time to get on the hammock and enjoy nature fully.

Note: Make sure your hammock hangs 18.5 inches above the ground. This is the best height to safely get in and out of any camping hammock.

Here is a great YouTube video that uses the Atlas straps, which is one of the best suspensions systems available in the market. It shows some helpful tips on how to hang a hammock between trees.

Alternative Method Using Ropes:

Although, we don’t suggest using regular ropes for hanging hammocks on trees, we give this information for emergency situations. Always use tree friendly straps, or special ropes in order to prevent any harm on the trees. Remember, trees don’t need us; we need them to survive.

  1. Find two strong trees; preferably separated by 12 to 16 feet apart.
  2. Take the first rope and double it up by wrapping around the first tree.
  3. Put the two loose ends of the rope through the hammock loop or s-hook, and tie a tough knot.
  4. Pull the rope to test if it is strong enough.
  5. Take the other rope and repeat the same steps on the other tree.
  6. Get into the hammock and relax.

How Do You Hang A Hammock Without Damaging A Tree?

Use tree friendly hammock straps. They look exactly like the seat belts in your car. The wide and smooth surface protects the trees from any harm your hammock can impose. All you need to do is to select one of the tree friendly, non-stretch polyester straps for hanging your hammock to experience a ¨leave no trace¨ camping outdoors. Using regular ropes can easily damage the outer bark of the tree and would reduce its ability to feed itself. Therefore, any good camper should avoid doing that.

In Conclusion

You can learn how to hang a hammock from a tree easily with this step by step guide. Most hammocks come with all the necessary equipment such as carabiners and straps. Pay attention to the distance between the trees to adjust the height of the hammock from the ground for safety. It literally takes a minute or two once you get accustomed to selecting the right spot with the right trees.

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