Golden Eagle Tree Straps – High-Quality Hammock Gear Revealed

Hammock camping is gaining more popularity every day because you can hang one pretty much anywhere you like. You no longer have to sleep on the wet floor, or on top of rocks while camping.

Hammocks have many advantages over tents and other camping methods; you get to watch the stars and the view during the night, stay away from the insects on the ground, get a much comfortable sleep, and the best of all, it is so quick and easy to set it up.

If it starts to rain while your hiking, you can get cover in a hammock within 2 minutes. However, it would take about 30-60 minutes at best to set up your tent. The rain would probably pass by while you do that anyway.

Golden Eagle makes one of the best suspension systems that you can use with any hammock. You get all the features of a high-quality tree strap from a single product.

It is premium equipment that includes the original easy-lock carabiners. You no longer have an excuse to use the tree damaging rope and heavy-duty steel carabiners. There are many straps suspension systems out there, but I found out that Golden Eagle tree straps are extremely convenient, durable, and easy to use to my experience.

They became my favorite camping gear over the years to hook up my camping hammock. I like the fact they are very versatile; I can use them on all trees regardless of thickness.

What to Look For When Shopping For A Hammock Straps Suspension System?

Always consider the following factors thoroughly when shopping for a suspension system. There are four major criteria that you must inspect in detail if you want to buy yourself the best tree straps.

Non-stretch tree straps

First of all, it is a must for your straps to be made from non-stretch material. If the straps are stretchy then it is nearly impossible to adjust your hammock properly. They will get longer, and you will go down; it is only a matter of time.

Durable straps – webbing (woven straps)

Make sure the material used is webbing. For the novice hammock campers; webbing is the same material used on your car seatbelts. It almost never hurts the trees, unlike the regular ropes that people used to wrap around the trees to set up their hammocks.

Webbing makes the straps tree-friendly, and if you are a true camper then this must important for you too.

Longer tree straps are advantageous

If the strap length is too short, then you will have a hard time to select a suitable tree pair with the right distance to hang your hammock. In general, you need to add 2 extra feet to the length of your hammock measured from ring to ring.

If your hammock is 12 feet, then you need about 14 feet space to set it up. Therefore, your straps must be able to cover this area easily.

Straps that are shorter than 7 feet would cause problems, and you would be limited while using your hammock.

Weight limit of the straps

Your suspension system must be strong enough to hold you in the air. In general, they must be able to hold against 300 pounds of power to be considered adequate.

This is extra important if you are using a double hammock with your partner. The straps must stand to the total weight capacity.

More loops will make you comfier

Adjustment points are the loops we use to hook up the hammock with the carabiners to the straps. The more loops you have, the easier it would be for you to adjust the hammock length and height.

If your straps only come with 10 or fewer loops, then you are in trouble. You might have to end up hanging your hammock too high or too low, or even worse; too tight for that reason.

Golden Eagle tree straps has all these features and more. That’s why they are my favorite suspension system.

Golden Eagle Tree Straps

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The company has just updated its XL straps with additional features. These functional tree straps are 9.8 (3m) feet long each. They have adequate length to cover any space for hanging your hammock with ease when you are out there camping.

You are going to love that each strap has 23 loops on them. It is so easy to adjust your hammock’s height and tightness.

This is a premium gear that is made from heavy-duty polyester webbing. The straps are completely non-stretchable. Your hammock will stay the same way you hung it in the first place. You do not need additional adjustments later on and trust me, you are going to love this convenience.

Golden Eagle tree straps include 2 heavy-duty, aluminum carabiners with easy-hook features. No need to shop for carabiners, and this is not the case with most suspension systems.

I have to mention that these straps are lightweight; only 481 g. You won’t even feel them in your backpack. Usually, all straps suspension can hold 400 pounds, but Golden eagle tree straps can stand against 660 pounds weight capacity.

My favorite feature is that they are tree-friendly. Unlike the regular ropes, they will never damage the tree barks.


  • 15.2 x 10.2 x 5.1
  • Each strap is 9.8 (3m) feet long.
  • Weighs 481 g
  • Weight capacity; 660 pounds (300kg)
  • Includes 2 carabiners.
  • Adjustable; it contains 23 loops.
  • Compact; it comes with a storage & carrying bag.
  • Easy instructions included.

In Conclusion

Selecting a durable hammock straps suspension to hang between the trees can be a hassle if you don’t know the criteria that you should check before you buy.

You can’t just get away by purchasing the most expensive one. Sturdiness, weight capacity, number of loops, webbing quality; they all come into play when making a decision.

Golden Eagle tree straps have exceeded my needs for hammock suspension systems over the course of years. They are extra strong, easy to hook up, and adjustable.

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