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Are you one of those camping enthusiasts who are always on the look for versatile and comfortable gear with unique features? Well, you came to the right place then. We will review the best Ticket to the Moon hammocks in this article.

The company makes outstanding camping products with extra options which completely changes the way you hang and enjoy your hammocks. It is so easy to become a hardcore fan of these items; smart design and quality of the materials used will capture your attention at first look.

Ticket to the Moon is the company that invented the original camping hammocks.

You can sense the level of creativity even from the brand name! Based in Bali, Indonesia; the exotic nature around them certainly adds to the design of their witty products.

All items are handcrafted in their own factory; nothing is outsourced. They take pride in producing innovative camping hammocks with the highest quality.

Check out their company mission; ¨We are manufacturers of feel-good products for dreamers worldwide¨. It is really interesting that none of the employees have ever left the company since it started in 1996.

Nylon parachute material is used in all Ticket to the Moon hammocks. They are breathable, heavy-duty, skin-friendly, and anti-mildew. Comfort and portability are the main characteristics which you feel thoroughly when you try one of their items.

Stainless steel hooks, tree friendly straps, and high-grade carabiners are also part of the deal. Plus, you can wash them in the washing machine easily, and they dry up quickly.

Camping hammocks come with many features and in different sizes. Make sure you check the fabric used. Parachute nylon material is the best choice because of its durability and comfort.

Check out the best Ticket to the Moon hammocks below, and get yourself the most comfortable bed you ever slept outdoors. You can thank me later.

Ticket to The Moon King Size Hammock – Hammock for Two

Ticket to the Moon King Size Hammock +...

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If you are looking for a super comfortable, roomy hammock, then this is your gear. It is huge! They call it the King Size for a reason; it is 320cm x 230cm. You can stretch your neck, back, and legs any way you like. Forget about the banana shape; get the perfect angle when you lie on it.

This hammock adapts to your body, unlike the rival products where you have to adjust. You can enjoy this with your partner. It fits two adults easily.

Made from durable, lightweight, and breathable parachute nylon which is also machine washable. Stainless S hooks are included; It takes less than a minute to hang.

You are going to love the smart pouch which you can use as a pillow. Just stuff it with some clothes. Triple stitching is used to increase durability.


  • Weighs 700 gr
  • Maximum load: 200kg
  • Fabric weighs 68 gr
  • 90.6 x 126 inches
  • 10-years warranty

Ticket to The Moon Original Hammock

Ticket to the Moon Original Hammock -...

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This is not the King Size, but it is still big enough for two; 320cm x 200cm. All Ticket to The Moon hammocks come with their famous Express Setting bags. It is a patented moon-shaped pouch that allows you to hang your hammock with ease. Your hammock will never touch the ground when you pack it or hang it. Get the Moon Straps too, and set it up in the blink of an eye.

Skin-friendly nylon will make you feel like you are sleeping on a bag of puffy clouds. Made from elastic fabric which improves your blood circulation while you lie on it. Its maximum weight capacity is 200 kg. All Ticket to The Moon hammocks includes a small pouch on the side to store your valuables. Easy to pack, store, and carry.


  • Weighs 600 gr
  • Maximum load: 200kg
  • Fabric weighs 68 gr
  • 22.8 x 13 x 9.8 inches
  • 10-years warranty

Ticket to The Moon Convertible Bug Net 360°

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Hammocks can protect you from the insects on the ground but you would need a quality Bug Net to keep those flies, and bees away. Most people are afraid of bears and other wild animals when they are camping deep in the woods, but there is a tiny one that you should keep an eye open while you sleep.

Did you know that the mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest animals? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they account for 725,000 casualties each year.

Be safe and sleep tight with peace of mind. You get 360° protection from this lightweight and compact bug cover. It fits on all camping hammocks and comes with a zipper. Made from washable polyester.


  • Weighs 450 gr
  • 300 x 130 cm
  • 200 holes/cm2
  • 10-years warranty
  • Includes adjustable ridgeline

Ticket to The Moon Lightest Hammock

Ticket to the Moon Lightest Hammock -...

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This is a special made hammock for backpackers. It weighs only 228 gr; the lightest hammock ever. Dyneema core cords are added to reduce its weight further. Made of high-performance crinkle nylon textile which is breathable and elastic. It is super compact too; packs down extra small. The moon bag that comes with this is extremely tiny that you can almost fit it in your pocket.

Mini carabiners are included for your convenience. Note that this item is longer than most Ultra-Light hammocks; 320 cm. Good for single use.


  • Weighs 228 gr
  • 320 x 140 cm
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Fabric weighs 34 gr
  • 10-years warranty

Ticket to The Moon – Honey Moon Hammock – Interior Hammock

Ticket to the Moon Honey Moon Hammock -...

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This is different than all the other hammocks listed here. It is made for indoor usage and has unique features. First of all, the fabric is a bit thicker when compared to regular camping hammocks. It is also less bouncy too.

The reason for that is to make the hammock more pressure-relieving and temperature-sensitive. Since you are going to use this inside the house, it is 100% antibacterial and Oeko-Tex compliant.

I have to mention that this is the biggest hammock I have ever seen; 500cm x 300cm. My favorite part is that it includes all the equipment needed to set it up. Carabiners, nautical ropes, and hammock sleeves are included; it is a complete kit. You don’t have to run to the hardware store to buy hooks or straps.

Plus, it comes with an oversized Moon Bag for easy storage. The Honey Moon hammock is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is made from premium quality parachute nylon.


  • Weighs 2,365 gr
  • 500 x 300 cm
  • Maximum load: 350 kg
  • Fabric weighs 96 gr
  • 10-years warranty

In Conclusion

Some companies stand out from the crowd by producing unique products, and some are simply the industry leaders with their unique and versatile products.

Ticket to The Moon is both, and they totally deserve it. For starters, the company makes environmentally friendly hammocks. All the materials used in their items are of A+ quality.

Handcrafted, breathable nylon parachute fabric is the only option for all their TTTM series.

Don’t forget the accessories too; their tree-friendly Moon Straps, heavy-duty carabiners, and stainless-steel S-hooks will allow you to hang your hammock only within seconds.

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