Best Pillows for Sleeping in a Hammock – Sleep Like A Baby During Camping

Choosing a pillow is an important decision when going out for camping. It is the closest thing that will ever come close to your face during the night (hopefully) while you are lying in your hammock. You and your pillow must fit together if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

It is crucial to get that much-needed rest after an exhausting day out in the woods or over the rocks. Unless you are camping in the backyard next to the barbecue, you need to get back that energy for the new adventure the next day.

You should check the size, weight, and softness when you are planning to buy a camping pillow. It is important to select the right one for the best neck support. You can decide on the color later. Thickness must be at least 3 inches.

It is best if the pillow is machine washable; everything gets dusty and muddy when you are enjoying the outdoors. Also, check if the pillow is compressible if you are a backpacker.

Here are the best pillows for sleeping in a hammock:

TETON Sports Camp Pillow – Washable

TETON Sports Camp Pillow; Great for...

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A small but smart pillow from Teton. It is machine washable, and you don’t see this feature every day in camping gears. The envelope style pillowcase is also washable and is 100% flannel with a double brushed finish for extra comfort.

Make it fresh and clean every time you go out camping. But wait, you are going to love its practical features. It lofts up on its own; no inflating is necessary so leave the air pump at home.

Teton Sports Camp Pillow comes with a sturdy stuff sack with a barrel-lock drawstring for easy packing. It compresses down very small but never loses its loft. Great to use on camping and road trips. Made from SuperLoft Elite 4 channel fiberfill.

It is durable and very soft; you need to fold it in half if you like firm support under your head. Neck and lumbar comfort are optimized to provide you the best outdoors sleep.

In addition, it does not make any noise like the blow-up pillows while you move during sleep.

Teton uses matching linings on its camping products so that you can pair your pillow and sleeping bag. It comes in four different colors.


  • 18 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 9 oz


  • Soft fabric
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Multiple color options
  • No inflating needed
  • Machine washable


  • It is a little too soft.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Travel...

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Wise Owl challenges all other camping gear manufacturers with its featureful camping pillow. This one is really loaded with extra options. For starters, it is machine washable and dryable. In other words, it is a breeze to clean this camping pillow.

Select the appropriate color and size according to your other camping equipment. You can choose from 3 different sizes and 5 different colors. You can get one for every member of the family; from your toddler to your partner, it has a fitting size.

Made from breathable micro-suede which is perfect for your skin. The special fabric will sure make you sleep like a baby. The inside of the pillow is filled with supportive, compressible foam filling for your convenience. You can pack it down into a handy small size.

Just roll it up when you are ready to go. Easily store and carry; it includes a chic and waterproof travel bag.

I think it is just the perfect companion for hammock camping. You can even sleep on hard terrain or rocks with this one; it is that durable and comfortable.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes: 12 x 16 inches (9 oz) – 14 x 18 inches (11 oz) – 16 x 23 inches (13 oz)
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lightweight and portable with drawstring waterproof bag


  • Multiple size and color options
  • Compressible foam filling
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • All sizes are 4 inches thick for extra comfort


  • The pillow can compress much smaller than the stuff sack; it could have been smaller.

REDCAMP Small Camping Pillow – Lightweight

REDCAMP Camping Pillow for Sleeping...

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This pillow from the Redcamp is really ultralight. They used spun cotton filling to make it extra lightweight. Backpackers will sure love this feature. It weighs only 0.72 pounds (330 g).

Made from 100% polyester and the cover is extremely soft. The material used is breathable, moisture and waterproof. The pillowcase can be removed and washed in the machine.

Redcamp small camping pillow is an affordable option but still has a lot to offer. It is compact, soft on your skin, and easy to clean. Get two if you like a firm pillow.


  • 12 x 16 x 3 inches
  • Pillow open size is 20 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 0.76 oz


  • Ultralight and compact


  • It could have been thicker; only 3 inches.

REDCAMP Small Camping Pillow – Lightweight – Flannel

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Pillow...

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This one is also coming from the Redcamp but it has a flannel cover. If you like high-quality soft fabric then you are going to love this pillow. You can separate the pillow and the non-woven fabric lining and wash the cover in the machine. The handy zipper makes it easy to remove the pillowcase.

Get that restful sleep with this ultralight (0.70 lbs. – 320 g) camping pillow. You won’t even notice that it is in your backpack. It comes with a storage and a carry bag for your convenience. You can enjoy it in your hammock, tent, or anywhere else.


  • Pillow open size is 20 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 0.70 lbs.
  • It includes a storage bag


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cover is removable with a zipper for easy cleaning


  • The pillow is a little flat.

Wise Owl Outfitters Ultralight Camping Pillow with Smart Push Button Air Valve

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pad –...

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I totally love the smart push-button air valve; the pillow deflates itself when you push on it. If you are looking for a pillow that gets out of your way when you are not using it, then your search ends here.

This inflatable pillow from Wise Owl will beat the competition when it comes down to being compact and lightweight. Carry it in your backpack or pocket! It is only 3.2 oz and 2.5 inches. It is really a dream come true for backpackers with the incredibly compact size when packed down.

Made from super soft to touch material that resembles silk. It is slip-resistant and highly durable. You will surely have a peaceful sleep in your hammock thanks to its TPU coating. I am a big fan of Wise Owl products because I like the details and overall quality so much.

This one comes in 6 different colors. You can inflate it with only 5 breaths. The pillow is ergonomically designed for the ultimate comfort. It is definitely a comfort gear.

You can clean it fast with a damp cloth. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • 13 x 17 inches
  • Packs down to 2.5 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 3.2 oz
  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Super compact and ultralight
  • Smart air-valve for fast deflation
  • It can be used in water
  • Folds down to carrying pouch size


  • Not machine washable – use a damp cloth or baby/disinfectant wipes

In Conclusion

Camping pillows come with many options and in different sizes. There are more important factors than deciding on the color when choosing one. You should find the right size that will make you feel comfortable in your hammock.

Having a good night of sleep is essential when you are enjoying outdoors. You must be able to start the next day fully replenished. Select the right size pillow with good fabric to accommodate your camping needs. Also, check the cleaning features; machine-washable pillows are the easiest to maintain.

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