Best Hammock Straps Suspensions To Get The Best Hang

You need the best hammock straps suspensions to fully enjoy the benefits of hammock camping. It is the new trend. Campers are wiser these days; they prefer hammocks for convenience and ¨leave no trace¨ ethics.

We all know that hammock camping is easy and too much fun, but that is only true as long as you are in the air. If you fall in the middle of the night from your hammock due to cheap straps breaking, then you would feel very different.

Talking about practical camping; it just feels great to be able to carry your bed in your backpack, and set it up anywhere you like. This new method definitely provides more freedom than tents.

You can hang them on trees, rocks, between cars, etc. They also allow you to have a much better sleep. Once you get accustomed to sleeping in hammocks, then you will never want to sleep on the ground again.

What are the hammock straps suspensions?

If you inspect the suspension straps for the following details then you have a better chance to select the right one. Please also check if they are tree-friendly or not.

  • Non stretch material; your hammock strap should never stretch. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the ground by morning. 
  • Strap length; you never know what kind of a tree you will find to hang your hammock. It can be thin or thick. And also, the distance between the trees can be longer than expected. It is always better to have straps that are at least 10 feet long each. You will need a 10 to 15 feet space in order to hang your hammock properly. Your straps must have adequate length to cover this area and the width of the trees. 
  • Adjustment points; we hook the hammock on to the adjustment points of the straps. These are also called the loops. This allows you to adjust the height and tightness of your hammock appropriately.
  • Weight capacity; you definitely need sturdy straps that can hold you in the air effortlessly. If they are weak, then even the lightest person will have issues in the long run.

It is always a good idea to use specially designed, tree-friendly hammock straps. Ropes are not a good option; they hurt the trees and you have to learn complicated knots.

Plus, almost all of them stretch. Chains are good for indoor hammock hanging.

XL Hammock Straps – Heavy Duty – 40 Loops

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree...

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These are one of the longest hammock straps in the market; they are 12 foot each. Made from non-stretch polyester webbing, and can hold 2000 pounds.

The company really went extreme with the weight capacity, and length. If you forget your hammock hanging in safari, then even small elephants can sit on it after you!…

Setting up your hammock with XL Hammock straps takes less than a minute. You can also use them on posts and other similar stands; they are versatile. It includes 40 loops in total, making it fully adjustable to hang your hammock.

This will surely be one of your favorite camping hammock accessories. It also includes 2 carabiners.


  • 12 feet long
  • weighs 1.19 pounds
  • weight capacity: 2000+ pounds
  • 40 loops
  • includes drawstring bag and 2 carabiners
  • it comes with a recipe eBook for mashmallow and smores

PYS XL Hammock Tree Straps – 40 Loops – 20 ft long

XL Hammock Tree Straps, 40 Loops&20ft...

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This is an affordable but very high-quality product. The straps are 10 ft long each and contain 20 loops (40 loops combined) for easy adjusting of your hammock.

The loops are 4¨ apart for precise adjustment in comparison to 5¨ industry standards. Made from highly durable, no-stretch polyester webbing.

My favorite feature is the triple stitching on the straps which make them extra strong. Plus, the 1-inch wider surface makes the straps even more tree-friendly.

It is super lightweight; the whole set weighs 11.45 oz. The company also states that the straps will roll up tighter than most other rival products in the market. It also includes 100% money back guarantee.


  • 10 feet long
  • weighs 11.45oz
  • weight capacity: 2000 pounds
  • 20 loops (40 combined)
  • includes drawstring and 2 carabiners

How do you use a loop on a hammock strap?

Start by wrapping one of the straps around the tree. Take the other end of the strap and pull it through the end with the one-loop.

Get your carabiner, and first hook to the hammock’s ring and then to the desired loop on the strap. It is that easy.

You no longer need to struggle with complicated knots. All you need is a quality suspension system with carabiners.

How long should hammock straps be?

This is an important question. You never know what kind of trees you will find in the woods.

They can be extremely thick depending on the area you are camping in. It is always best to get the longest straps to be on the safe side. You can always wrap around the extras.

In general, you must add 2 feet to the length of your hammock to decide on the hanging area. 15 feet is the most common measurement. In order to avoid any length issues, your hammock straps should be at least 9 feet each.

In Conclusion

More campers shift to hammocks every day because of their practical usage. You need quality gear to hang them.

Hammock straps must be both durable and easy to set up. Always shoot for the ones that are made from webbing material.

This is very important for your safety, and it also protects the outer bark of the tree. Hanging a hammock with a rope is totally a thing of the past. Forget about those crazy knots.

Plus, you damage the trees every time you hang a hammock with a rope on them. Hammock straps suspensions have loops for easy adjustment. All you need is some carabiners to hook your hammock on them.

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