Best Gear For Hanging A Hammock – Hang That Hammock The Right Way

Hammock camping is getting more popular every day, and it totally deserves the extra attention.

If you are still camping with tents, then you are considered an old-school camper and not in a good way. In fact, the hammocks are as old or even older than the tents since they date back to the Mayans.

The natives of South America used them as regular sleeping pads for centuries. They used to make them from the original Hammock tree.

If you are looking for ultimate comfort while enjoying the outdoors, then it is time you move on to the hammock camping.

There are literally countless ways to hang a hammock but the right gear to use for that is always the same. This of course depends on where you want to hang it; indoors or outdoors, backyard or the woods, rocks or the trucks, the list goes on.

I will give examples for some of the most used methods, including suggestions for the equipment you would need.

Let’s start with the basics.

How to hang a hammock between the trees?

This is the best way to enjoy a hammock and most campers choose this option. It is also the easiest method to hang a hammock.

You will need tree straps, carabiners and the hammock for sure. The underquilt, sleeping pad and the bag are essential too but not related to the hanging subject.

The most important issue is to decide on the straps. Camping gear producers realized how regular ropes were damaging the tree barks.

This could easily kill a tree in the long run. Therefore, please stay away from regular ropes and use special tree straps instead for hanging your hammock.

Plus, they are much easier to use. You can set up your hammock within a minute or two.

Learn more about how to hang safely on trees and keep your camping area nature-friendly.

Here is the best hammock strap to use on trees:

ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL Hammock Straps

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL...

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This one is new from the ENO, one of the best camping hammock companies. Hang your hammock easy and quickly. You don’t have to worry about damaging the trees; they are made from tree-friendly material.

Each strap is 13.6 feet long which makes a total of 27.2 hanging area. Most other straps are only 20 feet long. You can wrap these around very thick trees if you like.

In addition to the extra-long size, the straps also have 20 attachment points each. The attachment points are used for adjustment when you hook your hammock.

The more you have, the better it is to find the perfect spot for your comfort. Select any thick or thin trees 10 12 feet apart. You don’t need knots for setup.

I really like this hammock hanging kit for convenience and durability. It is super compact; the stuffing bag is only as big as a pocket pouch. Perfect to carry in your backpack; it weighs only 13 oz.

The new version also includes reflective stitching for visibility in the dark. You can use these straps on most hammocks; they are universal.

Made from 1000D Polyfilament webbing. The straps are sturdy, durable and can hold up to 400 lbs.

Please note that ENO makes tree-friendly camping gear. The company is a serious nature lover; plants two trees for every hammock sold.


  • Each strap is 13.6 feet long
  • Weights 13oz


  • includes reflective stitches
  • tree friendly
  • lightweight
  • 40 attachment points


  • carabiners not included

Locking Carabiners – 12KN Rating for Camping

Yoport Camping Hammock Carabiner 12 KN...

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You need high capacity, heavy-duty carabiners to use on your hammocks. These are rated 12KN, and each carabiner can hold 2645 pounds of force. It includes a nose hood to protect the gate from getting opened accidentally.

Use on your hammocks but also for clipping camping accessories to your backpack. They are very durable and snug free; made from aircraft grade aluminum. The gate opening is larger than most other carabiners; 25mm.


  • Pack of 4
  • 3.1 x 0.2 x 1.8 inches
  • Each carabiner weighs 0.7oz
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • heavy duty – 2645 pounds
  • features nose hood for extra protection
  • durable – aircraft grade aluminium


  • not strong enough for climbing

How to hang a hammock indoors?

Believe it or not, many people use hammocks indoors to fight insomnia and back pain.

Others use them to relax in the convenience of their homes. You can hang a hammock between drywalls if you use toggle bolt (butterfly anchor). Some people even hang them to the ceiling.

Learn more on how to hang a hammock indoors from my step by step guide, all the necessary tools are listed.

But today I will share a much simple product that you can use indoors to hang a hammock.

ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Deluxe Hammock Hanging Kit

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Deluxe...

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This is a deluxe hanging kit from ENO. You no longer need to use heavy equipment and specialty bolts to install your hammock at home.

Instead, simply install the hangers that come with this kit, and hook up your hammock to start relaxing.

All the tools included in this kit are heavy duty, no more falling from the hammock. These are made from 6061 anodized aluminum hardware that can hold up against 400 pounds.

The kit includes 2 anchor bolt hangers, 2 carabiners, 2 lag screws, 2 washers, and a detailed installation guide. If you use regular bolts then you would have to put large dimples into the walls.

However, the deluxe hammock kit includes special anchors that are designed for this purpose. They hold better and do not damage your drywalls.


  • 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • weighs 8oz
  • anodized aluminium


  • extra sturdy
  • super fast and easy to install


  • hammock is not included

Hammock Stand – Best Choice Products 15 ft Steel Beam Hammock

Best Choice Products 15ft Steel Beam...

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Sometimes it is best to use a hammock stand to hang your hammock. You can use it in your backyard or by the pool easily.

If you are lazy and do not want to play with drillers and bolts, then this is a great solution for you.

This one is 15 feet long which is the perfect size for hanging most hammocks. It does not matter what type of hammock you own; you can use it for hammocks with or without spreader bars. Keep it in the backyard for 12 months.

It is rust-resistant. Safe and durable with vinyl end caps. 12-gauge steel makes it heavy duty, plus, the spring pins reinforce the overall stability.

It includes adjustable chains and hanging hooks to accommodate any size hammock.


  • 12-gauge steel
  • 174” x 76.8” x 45.6”
  • weighs 55.65lbs
  • weight capacity 400lbs


  • easy assemble
  • heavy duty
  • rust resistant
  • fits all sizes


  • assemble required

How high should I hang my hammock?

The suggested height for hanging a hammock is 4 feet above the ground level. This will make your hammock about 18 inches high from the floor, which is the standard height of a chair.

If you don’t have time to measure, then aim for a slightly higher level from your head for the most appropriate hanging height and lock your straps.

12 to 15 feet open space is the best for setting up the hammock. So, keep that in mind when choosing the suitable tree pair.

Also, try not to hang it too tight since it will eventually make the center of the hammock too tight and your shoulders will be squeezed. Think of a banana from sideways; that is the shape you are shooting for.

How big does a tree need to be for a hammock?

You can use trees, posts, rocks, hammock stands, cars, or other stable equipment to hang your hammock.

You can even hang a hammock from the ceiling indoors. This is where you get creative but always be cautious to prevent any accidents since you will not like falling from your hammock.

Use trees with 6 inches (15cm) diameter or more, and posts that are at least 4 x 6 inches thick for your safety.

Please stay away from thin trees as you might damage them, and always use hammock straps instead of regular ropes.


Hammocks are extremely fun. You will get the best sleep of your life if you get the right one and set it up the right way.

Use them indoors and outdoors; hang anywhere you like. Your back and neck will thank you for it.

The hammock hanging kits include all the equipment you need to install it indoors. Alternatively, you can use a hammock stand for the easiest set up.

Wise campers prefer hammocks over tents. They are extremely compact and easy to use. Camping gear companies produce highly practical pieces of equipment nowadays.

Choose only the sturdy and nature friendly gears to hang your hammocks in order to enjoy the woods and landscapes with leave no trace ethics.

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